Sha Tin

Sha Tin is a station on East Rail Line of the Hong Kong MTR. For more details view the ExploreHK interactive MTR map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Sha Tin
Chinese (traditional) 沙田
Chinese (simplified) 沙田
Located on East Rail Line

Map of Sha Tin

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Dec 21, 2012



Mar 30, 2013


Oct 16, 2013



Apr 19, 2015

A big shopping mall, many brand stores.


Nov 1, 2016

First train/Last train

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  • Public Housing Estates in Shatin, Hong Kong, Architectural Forms / SML.20130306.7D.26910 Public Housing Estates in Shatin, Hong Kong, Architectural Forms / SML.20130306.7D.26910
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