Tai Po Market

Tai Po Market is a station on East Rail Line of the Hong Kong MTR. For more details view the ExploreHK interactive MTR map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Tai Po Market
Chinese (traditional) 大埔墟
Chinese (simplified) 大埔墟
Located on East Rail Line

Map of Tai Po Market

Tips near Tai Po Market

Nothing to do there.


Apr 1, 2012

Try to go some wear else because you'll get bord


Sep 23, 2013

Awesome place!


Apr 4, 2015

Watch out for the Besse


Dec 2, 2017

First train/Last train

Photos near Tai Po Market

Tai Po

Tai Po
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  • Tai Po Tai Po
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  • 2L1A5703 2L1A5703
  • 2L1A5702 2L1A5702
  • 2L1A5705 2L1A5705
  • 2L1A5704 2L1A5704
  • 2L1A5707 2L1A5707
  • 2L1A5708 2L1A5708
  • 2L1A5711 2L1A5711
  • 2L1A5713 2L1A5713
  • 2L1A5714 2L1A5714
  • 2L1A5689 2L1A5689
  • 2L1A5692 2L1A5692
  • 2L1A5696 2L1A5696
  • 2L1A5698 2L1A5698
  • 2L1A5700 2L1A5700
  • 2L1A5706 2L1A5706
  • 2L1A5709 2L1A5709
  • 2L1A5710 2L1A5710
  • 2L1A5712 2L1A5712

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